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We recognize that every patient experiences craniofacial pain differently. Some patients may experience TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) pain and dysfunctions (TMD) while others experience primary headaches (known as migraines, tension, and cluster) and others may have facial neuralgias, musculoskeletal pain or a combination of all. TMJ pain is one of the conditions most frequently identified by patients. This condition is caused by disturbances in the action of the jaw that is caused by many different factors. TMJ pain can exist by itself or as a part of a complex problem and is typically caused by more than one factor. Possible causing factors include macro traumas such as an automobile accident, sports injury, accidental falls, etc. or micro traumas such as clenching and grinding of the teeth (bruxism). Clenching and grinding of the teeth cause the muscles that stabilize the joint to become fatigued from overwork. This fatigue then leads to pain in the head, face, jaw, and muscle. Jaw problems, head and facial pain, headaches, migraines, and musculoskeletal pain are often symptoms of bigger problems or disorders being suffered by the body, similar to the way that an infection triggers a fever. In cases where the patient has not suffered an acute injury to the head or facial area, the primary cause of these problems is typically related to a lack of oxygen while sleeping i.e. an unidentified sleep breathing disorder, sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Patients assume they are breathing and receiving enough oxygen while they sleep. However, it is important to recognize that unconscious behaviors such as nighttime teeth grinding and clenching (bruxing) are unconscious efforts to prevent suffocation. These subconscious behaviors wear down the skeletal structure and the joints over time and then lead to TMJ pain, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, TMJ dysfunctions, and facial neuralgias.

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Our practice focuses on treatment solutions that are surgery-free and can serve as alternatives to CPAP treatment. We treat adults and children suffering from sleep disorders. Our main objective is to help every one of our patients to achieve a life free of pain while having the ability to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Our diagnostic approach combines the latest technology with years of experience to identify the leading cause behind the disorder. Once the diagnosis is completed, we can design a custom treatment plan to address the issues that are specific to each patient such as pain relief, fatigue, snoring, sleep breathing deficiencies, and even neck pain. The treatment plans often focus on re-training, re-aligning, and correcting issues linked to pain in the head, face, jaw, and neck. An FDA-approved oral airway device may also be prescribed to offer an alternative to CPAP treatment. Many patients seek alternatives to CPAP treatment after becoming intolerant to the machine. We also use orthopedic orthodontics to treat children suffering from sleep apnea. Our end goal is always to see our patients living happy lives with the ability to breathe, sleep, and heal.

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