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If you endure frequent and painful migraines, it’s crucial to determine whether they stem from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition affects both jaw muscles and joints, leading to intense pain when triggered. Symptoms may include facial tenderness, muscle spasms, and headaches around your temples and eyes. In severe cases, these migraines can be debilitating, requiring a visit to a specialized TMJ doctor. TMJ-related migraines rank among the most painful and disruptive types, arising from trigeminal nerve irritation commonly associated with TMJ disorder. Manifesting as dull pressure or intense headaches, these migraines may also bring facial pain, tenderness, or swelling. If untreated, they can recur frequently, significantly disrupting one’s lifestyle.

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At TMJ Therapy Sleep Solution in West Los Angeles, discover the expert care and precise diagnosis necessary for effectively treating TMJ-related migraines. Our team, comprised of highly trained and certified professionals, takes pride in offering truly personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Every individual undergoes a thorough evaluation and consultation, ensuring the identification and targeted relief of each headache. Whether specialized physical therapy, adjunctive treatments, or long-term oral-appliance therapy is required, trust TMJ Therapy Sleep Solution West Los Angeles to provide superior care. Our experienced professionals deeply understand chronic migraine conditions and are dedicated to ensuring compassionate and comprehensive care for each patient.
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