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i-CAT™ Imaging

Our doctors can gain a better understanding on the anatomy of your teeth, mouth, and jaw when we utilize the i-CAT™ 3D imaging system. Dr. Farshid Ariz and Dr. Shadad Arami are able to provide patients with optimal care because the scans from this tool allow us to make more accurate diagnoses and better treatment plans. Please contact TMJ Therapy Sleep Solution if you want to learn more about our i-CAT imaging in Los Angeles, California.

i-CAT is beneficial for both physicians and patients because it provides more data than traditional 2D imaging technology ever could. This 3D image can expand to focus on a certain area and rotate to see the area from a different angle. Having an axial, sagittal, and coronal view of the anatomy allows us to more easily explain and perform treatments.

Because the 3D scans begin at the nose and extend down to the throat, we are also able to take a closer look at the patients’ airway. This option can be useful for orthodontists who need to determine where and how to direct growth. For example, a stuffed or blocked nasal passage that gives the patient difficulty when breathing through the nose can result in a narrow maxilla. Expanding the area can improve a patients’ dental and medical health.

Examining the airway is also very important in the treatment of sleep apnea. The data provided allows us to more easily diagnose this condition and determine the best treatment solutions. If a patient is CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure machine) intolerant, then we need information from a 3D scan in order to create an intraoral appliance that will reposition the jaw bone in order to increase airway volume.

The process of scanning, diagnosing, and treating patients while utilizing the i-CAT imaging machine may go something like this:

  • After scanning the patients’ maxillofacial regions, we will view the image using i-CAT’s TxSTUDIO software to see if there is enough space in the nasal and airway passages.
  • We use multiple views to measure the diameter of the airway and the dimensions of the posterior nasal pharynx.
  • We will also take a close look at the nasal passage and its involvement with the overall airway diagnostics
    If you want to learn more about how the i-CAT’s advanced 3D imaging technology can improve both your dental and overall health, then call our office today.
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